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                2所有表面应结实、 干燥、清洁、不晃动、 无油污、蜡渍和其他松散物;




                2按粉料:水= 20公斤: 4.5升-4.8升配比。搅拌均匀即可施工; (搅拌时建议配合电动搅♀拌机)。
                5选择齿型刮板大小应考虑工作面的平整度和瓷砖背面的凹凸程度。如瓷砖背面的↑沟隙较深或石材、瓷砖大于300* 300mm ,则应该进行双面涂胶,即在工作面和瓷砖背面同时涂上胶浆。

                1、本产品适宜在5° C~ 35° C的环境下使用,胶浆应该根据天气条件控制在2 ~ 3小时内使用完毕。


                5、注意保留伸缩缝。铺贴完成24小时后,方可 踏入或填缝。



                Jianlang 200 porcelain brick adhesive
                Jianlang super strength ceramic brick adhesive contains a variety of additives with high adhesion, no need to soak brick wet wall in construction, good flexibility, impermeability, crack resistance, good aging resistance and simple environmental protection construction.
                Scope of application
                Suitable for internal and external cement mortar floor paste all kinds of tiles and stone indoor cement mortar wall paste small and medium-sized specifications of water absorption of more than 6% ceramic tiles.
                Product characteristics
                economical and practical / good adhesion / low dosage / air defense drum / construction convenience / non-toxic environmental protection surface treatment

                All surfaces should be strong, dry, clean, non-sloshing, oil-free, wax stains and other loose matter;

                the painted surface should be coarsened. At least 75% of the original surface; () new concrete surface should be cured for six weeks before laying the brick, and the new plastered surface should be preserved for at least seven days before laying the brick;

                old concrete and plastering surfaces can be cleaned with detergent and then washed with water.) The surface of the brick can only be laid after drying;
                the bottom material is loose, the water absorption is strong or the surface dust dirt is difficult to clean up, can be coated with the bottom oil first to help the ceramic tile bond;
                In the high water absorption of the substrate or high temperature, dry environment, before construction, it is best to moisturize the base surface to the outside dry and internal wet state.
                Construction method
                The powder should be poured into the water to form a paste, which should be used according to the method of adding water before adding powder.
                According to powder: water = 20 kg: 4.5 liters-4.8 liters. The construction can be carried out by mixing evenly. (it is suggested to cooperate with the electric mixer when mixing.)
                Within the allowable time of operation, the position of the tile can be adjusted and the binder can be completely dry (about 24 hours later, the joint filling work can be carried out, and the burden on the surface of the tile should be avoided within 24 hours of construction).
                C, it is recommended that the rubber paddle be smeared on the working face with a tooth scraper to distribute evenly and form a strip of teeth (adjust the angle between the scraper and the working face to control the mortar thickness
                 the flatness of the working face and the concavity and convexity of the back of the tile should be taken into account in the selection of the size of the tooth scraper. If the gap on the back of the tile is deeper or the stone and tile are more than 300 * 300mm, double-sided coating should be carried out, that is, the working face and the back of the tile should be coated with glue at the same time.
                Matters needing attention
                This product is suitable for use in the environment of 5 °C ~ 35 °C. the mortar should be controlled within 2 ~ 3 hours according to the weather conditions.
                the verticality and smoothness of the substrate must be confirmed before application.
                Do not mix the dried mortar with water for reuse.
                the construction on rainy days must do a good job of sheltering measures and ensure the dryness of the construction area within 24 hours after the brick is affixed.
                Pay attention to retaining the expansion joint. Only after 24 hours of paving can you step in or fill the seam.
                Irritating to the skin of the eye, contact with the skin may cause allergies, stay away from children, and avoid contact with the skin. If you touch your eyes, please rinse with clean water or seek medical treatment immediately. If you accidentally swallow it, please immediately seek treatment well to show the package and label and deal with it only in the ventilation area.
                Product storage
                Keep it in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: the unopened product can be preserved in a dry, cool and ventilated place for one year.
                Compliance with standard QC/YT3-2010