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                单组分合成橡胶建筑防水密◣封胶。可广泛用于建筑结构的防水、伸缩缝的嵌缝。对混凝土、金属、木材石材以及塑钢铝合金表ω面好的粘结力,可用作门窗边框与墙体之间的密封,天面、 墙面防水密封以及室内装修密封。特别适用于昼夜温差较大地区(适宜温度40至90°C)当门窗及密封部位因热胀冷缩变形时本品因具有特有的低温柔软性而随之变形不易开裂从而达到了理想的防水密∞封效果。






                执行标准: QB/FL 2006



                Butyl joint waterproof adhesive
                One component synthetic rubber building waterproof sealant. It can be widely used in waterproof and expansion joints of building structures. Good adhesion to concrete, metal, wood stone and plastic steel aluminum alloy surface can be used as sealing between door and window border and wall, waterproof seal on sky and wall and interior decoration seal. Especially suitable for large temperature difference between day and night (suitable temperature 40 to 90°C) when doors and windows and sealing parts are deformed because of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation, this product is not easy to deform and crack because of its unique low temperature softness, thus achieving ideal waterproof sealing effect.

                Avoid direct contact with the skin for a long time. If you accidentally splash into the limit during use, please seek medical treatment immediately: do not approach the source of fire when using, do not let children contact, so as not to eat by mistake.

                Applicable to:

                Sealing between window frame and wall
                The waterproof seal between Yuyang tent and wall has the roof with large displacement, the embedding and sealing of the expansion joint of the wall, and so on.
                Application guidelines:

                The bonding and sealing surface should be dense and strong, dust should be removed and low strength batches should be removed, etc.: the bonding and sealing surface should be dry and clean, and oil and moisture should not be occupied, etc.: if the sharp mouth is cut and straight cut in accordance with the requirements, the aluminum foil at the seal should be cut and loaded into the glue gun, and the glue should be squeezed directly into the sealing place when the surface needs to be scraped. It should be done within the drying time of the watch (5 minutes) and flattened with bamboo dipped in soapy water.

                Implementation standard: QB/FL 2006
                Storage: keep the original sealed state of storage and dry, cool place. 2°C-25°C can be saved for 12 

                Packing: 300ml per unit, 30 pieces per case