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                使用环境>7°C;粘接⌒ 面保持清洁,避免灰尘和油脂:小型挂件即粘即撤压,承重型件加☆压10-30分钟(温度20° C,温度50%), 即可撤压。另外,刚涂抹的粘胶可用丙酮清洗。


                在保※持原包装密封条件下,建议储存ぷ在阴凉(低于25° C)和干燥处。

                表干时间: 10分钟
                完全因化时间: 3-12小时
                完全因化后每平方康米承重力: 50KG








                管装: 300ML
                铝塑复合膜装: 590ML

                产品符合标准: JCIT 547-2017《陶瓷砖胶粘剂》JC/T2186-2013

                Reactive rapid curing ceramic brick adhesive

                The 68789 and 689 fast curing adhesive for large plate brick of rock plate has good stickiness to 
                many materials.
                It can be used to bond and seal almost all surfaces and substrate. It is an ideal universal building 
                and industrial sealant and adhesive product with excellent cross-linking and curing speed, 
                especially suitable for high strength bonding and sealing occasions.

                Areas of application:
                Used as a high strength elastic adhesive in the field of construction and industrial assembly:
                It can be widely used in bathroom hardware installation, mirror frame installation, strong and 
                tough adhesive sealing glass, mirror, wood, plastic, cement and various metal bonding:

                It can be used for fast bonding panel, insulation board, decorative board and wallboard, etc.

                Methods of use:
                Use environment > 7°C; the adhesive surface is kept clean to avoid dust and grease: the small 
                pendant is pressed immediately, and the heavy duty part is pressurized for 10-30 minutes 
                (temperature 20 °C, temperature 50% 6). In addition, the newly smeared glue can be cleaned with 

                Points for attention: because the colloid is moisture solidified, spray wet dry air, or smear the 
                adhesive surface with wet water sponge, the moisture inside or surface of the adhesive and the 
                humidity in the air help to solidify the adhesive.

                Under the condition of keeping the original package sealed, it is recommended to store it in a 
                cool (less than 25 °C) and dry place.

                Technical parameters:

                Watch dry time: 10 minutes
                Full cause time: 3-12 hour
                Fully genetic per square kangmi bearing force: 50KG
                Shelf life: 12 months

                Thin layer bonding can greatly reduce the toughness and vibration resistance of the building after 
                weight curing.
                Resistance to cold and heat shock, aging resistance
                Do not spit white, do not pan-alkali
                Formaldehyde-free and vitalic organic volatiles are suitable for most hard materials
                Wet / dry early environment
                Solidify, save time and effort

                I. Product characteristics:
                Ceramic tile adhesive belongs to one-component MS modified structural adhesive, strong at room 
                temperature and water vapor reaction in the air, there is no peculiar smell in the process of use 
                and after curing, there is no volatilization, and it belongs to environmental protection building 
                adhesive. Good toughness, cold and thermal shock resistance, vibration resistance, aging 
                resistance after curing.

                Product performance:
                Tile adhesive is an one-component, can be directly sizing, do not need any stirring. Because the 
                thickness of adhesive layer only needs 1-2 mm, it really greatly reduces the weight of the building 
                and increases the internal use space. Do not volatilize and smell, reduce the dust in the process of 
                installation, sand and soil pollution to the construction environment, do not need to use cement, 
                sand and stone, deceleration less damage to the natural environment.

                III. Scope of application:

                Tile adhesive is not only suitable for bonding tiles, but also can paste a variety of hard materials 
                that do not absorb water. For example: vitrified brick, metal plate, plastic board, all kinds of stone, 
                all kinds of bamboo and wood plate, etc., the product has better anti-skid property. Especially 
                suitable for elevator shaft, oil fume pipeline and other wall adhesive tiles. Can be used to paste 
                inner and outer wall tiles. I stone or other decorative panels, can also paste a variety of hooks, 
                accessories, quickly install the TV background wall. Indoor and outdoor decorative lines.

                Pipe assembly: 300ML
                Aluminum-plastic composite film assembly: 590ML

                Products meet the standard: JCIT 547-2017 "ceramic tile adhesive" JC/T2186-2013